Orders and Returns


Cole Solutions takes our orders very seriously and to ensure your satisfaction all orders are processed by one of customer service agents. Therefore, we do not offer an online automated order system.

Delivery time is dependent among may factors and can be anywhere from as soon as next day. Please ask your sales rep for more information on delivery times.

Shipping is not included in any quote unless otherwise stated. Therefore all shipping cost are billed over and above the quote or invoiced amount. Some orders quality for free direct delivery by your sales rep. Please ask your agent for more details on our shipping and delivery services.

Refund Policy:

Cole Solutions does not refund any product or service, or offer any compensation for defective products. Any defective products or Service issues will undergo and investigation by our management team to determine the best course of action. This may include replacement of products.We will never provide a refund in the sense of credit to the client (in other words: refund of money).

All orders are custom and cannot be resold to other clients, hence our no refund policy. A different course of action may be taken for defective products. Typically speaking our products do not have manufacturing defects as we will discover issues on our Quality check.